SIMPSONS Special S1 Best Badger

SIMPSONS Special S1 Best Badger

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Penny wise but nobody's fool, the Simpsons Special 1 is an all-together affordable way to improve your daily shave. With a slightly longer handle and a 20 mm knot, it's short and stiff - ideal for getting the perfect lather with soaps or creams.


And although the knot isn't as large as some, the hairs are densely packed, making it a concentrated powerhouse of best badger hair.


Struggle though you might, and we do recommend giving it the old-college-try, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better brush at a better price. And because it's both small, and affordable, this is one brush you won't hesitate to take on the road with you when it might be best to leave that custom-made Marfin at home. 


Since 1919, Simpsons has been celebrating the traditions of wet shaving with outstanding quality. Founded in London and now based on the Isle of Man, Simpson brushes are a touch of English class and workmanship for the man of distinction. 


Handle height: 50 mm 
Bristle loft: 43 mm 
Knot diameter (at base): 20 mm 
Total Height: 93 mm 
Made in England

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