Mr. Natty Silver Label Shave Soap

Mr. Natty Silver Label Shave Soap

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Mr Natty has really pushed the boat out for this one. Whether you be ragtaggle, ruffian or royal, shaving should always be done as though one is a proper toff. Time to cover your boat race with our hand-made, 100% natural, solid shave soap with real silk fibres and a refreshing lime and peppermint fragrance. The silk fibres create a smooth and creamy lather to allow your blade to glide like a swan through your face forest (do swans ever visit the forest?). It's like getting the family silver out on your face. Packaged up in our trademark Natty tin (with a Silver Label no less), it's perfect for reconnaissance missions, special manoeuvres, dirty weekends or all three together.


For the best experience a shaving brush is the trick, failing that, the palm of your hand. Lather it up good and proper on your face, using hot water, with the brush until you look like Father Christmas. Always let the blade do the work. The silk fibres in the soap help to hold in the moisture and make for a better, cleaner shave. We would recommend using Mr Natty Shave Oil on your stubble before applying Silver Label. It softens up the bristles and pores and gives even more lubrication to the skin.


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