Mr. Natty Emergency Flair Shave Kit

Mr. Natty Emergency Flair Shave Kit

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There are gift packs a plenty out there fellas. We’ve seen them all, there’s even one shaped like a Christmas cracker. Not really our style, or yours either. They make things simple at Natty HQ. To this end they’ve taken a cardboard tube and made it look like an Emergency Flare. Emergency Flares are far more manly than crackers, especially if you’re ever in maritime peril (or in the away end at Napoli). So Mr Natty figured you’d prefer to have one of these, to feel a bit special. Plus, if someone buys it for you it’s easy to wrap. They should just do it like a cracker.


This is the Sharp Shaven Fellas Emergency Flair Kit. It’s right mouthful, but they’ve printed them all now – so deal with it. It’s got everything you need for a proper Natty shave including our new, beech wood handled razor (you can replace the blades – none of this chuck away nonsense). There’s also our one stop – perfect for travelling – 100% natural Shave Oil and a tin of our Save Ya Own Skin. That’s totally natural too and hydrates you up a treat post-shave with its moisturising shea butter and zesty citrus scent.

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